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Titan Audio
Pleased to announce we are now a Centre of Excellence for Titan Audio who offer a range of quality power cables and accessories.With power cables starting from a very reasonable £50 to over £2500 they have most basis covered. Conductors used range from Copper to single crystal Silver (OCC) to offer the best possible performance for its price point.There are 3 levels of performance with cables for source and high current components making it easy to get the right product for your system.All manufactured to high standard and a lifetime warranty is offered...
E.A.T Turntables
We have just taken on the E.A.T (European Audio Team) and have to say the products certainly have a luxurious feel and appearance.Great looks alongside quality engineering represent particularly good value when you factor in performance with item such as the B-Sharp turntable starting at £1198.00 or £1370..00 for the B-Sharp Super Pack which includes Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge.E.A.T also make high quality phonostages and MC cartridges...
Roon NUCLEUS & NUCLEUS+ Music Servers
Audio Destination has just taken delivery on the Roon NUCLEUS+ music server by RoonTwo models are available which are the NUCLEUS (£1500.00) and NUCLEUS+ (£2500.00) and along side great performance its versatility allows music to be played from NAS, USB drive and a internal 2.5" drive (not supplied) and Tidal. You can use any of these methods or a mix of all options to play music which is all displayed in one place by the Roon software.Roon is fast becoming very popular and once you try the NUCLEUS or NUCLEUS+ you will soon see why this is the case as there is a wealth of information about art..
It is always good practice to look at isolating a system from unwanted vibration which can spoil the enjoyment of a system. Lets face it many of us do not spend the amount of time listening to our systems we would like to and the last thing we want is to miss information.Products such as those from IsoAcoustics offer high performance at a reasonable cost.The Gaia feet which are named Gaia I, Gaia II and Gaia III are ideal under floorstanding loudspeakers and loudspeaker stands and handle various weights so there are versions for most situations. The IsoAcoustics Iso-Pucks and the Orea Indigo a..
Aries G2
The Auralic Aries G2 series streamer moves Auralic upwards in the sound stakes. With luxurious looks and finish the Aries G2 really is a high end product as a reasonable cost.As usual the Lightning DS app makes for easy setup and operation with many functions such as upsampling and 4 filter settings to enable the end user to tailor the sound to suit their requirements.On demonstration at Audio Destination now...
Martin Logan Electromotion ESL-X Loudspeakers
Just running in the Martin Logan Electromotion ESL-X loudspeakers and have to say they have exceeded our expectations as the performance surpasses what you would expect at its price point.Very detailed but with no forwardness at all.Bass has both depth and tautness.As we have only had them running for 24 hours the performance is very good indeed.Martin Logan really did not exaggerate regarding the performance of this model!..
Audioquest Niagara 5000 - Redefining the Science of Power Conditioning
Audioquest really have pulled out all the stops regarding power conditioning design by going back to the drawing board with the Niagara AC range.We have just auditioned the Niagara 5000 AC power conditioner and have to say the 5000 & 7000 must be amongst the finest (if not THE finest) power conditioners available. After just 10 minutes of plugging components into the Niagara 5000 we ordered our demo unit!After moving from a very good conditioner we have used for a long time it was easy to hear micro detail, decay not previously heard before alongside stunning bass grip and control.Whi..
The Anarchy Arias!
Latest music being played at Audio Destination is the Anarchy Arias a selection of iconic tunes from the punk era performed in full operatic style from an idea inspired by Glen Matlock from the Sex Pistols. The Royal Philharmonic are on top form as expected and it really is worth a listen as you will be surprised at just how well this fits together. Not too be to taken too seriously but thoroughly enjoyed!Go on have a listen you will be glad you did......
PS Audio Stellar Range
We have just started listening to PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC/PRE & M700 mono power amplifiers and have to say that even from this combination represents exceptional value for money.The Stellar Gain Cell DAC/PRE offers multiple analogue & digital inputs (XLR, RCA, SPDIF, Toslink & USB) with the ability to operate as a stand alone DAC or analogue preamplier or ideally as both.Various filter options and AV bypass (selectable) the Stellar Gain Cell DAC/PRE will sit within any system easily.The M700 mono power amplifiers are rated at 350 watts per channel (into 8 Ohms) so can d..
New Esoteric Integrated Amplifiers
Esoteric have released two great new integrated amplifiers which can also have on board DAC option fitted.Both offer stunning looks and build quality along the sublime Esoteric sound. The F-05 is rated at 150 watts per channel into 8 Ohms with the F-03a offering 30 watts Class A into 8 Ohms.Both have inbuilt MM/MC phonostage so spinning vinyl is made easy.Could either of these integrated amplifiers be the last amplifier you buy?..
Entreq Everest Back In Stock
We have been testing the Entreq Everest a lot the showroom with great results.Customers are getting back to us saying just how good the upgrade is and as the first batch of 50 sold very quick we have topped up again so best be quick to avoid having to wait...
Pro-Ject VC-S Record Cleaning Machine
The Pro-Ject VC-S record cleaning machine is a great value record cleaning machine costing just £299.00.Normally record cleaning machines of this kind much more.Offering forward and reverse rotation with powerful vacuum suction for deep cleaning of any contamination of record grooves. This is not only important for anyone collecting used records but also for the buyer of brand new records as the `releasing` agent used in record production (releasing from record press) also degrades sound.Apart from this it is also important to clean any record to help keep your cartridge in tip top condition, ..
Moon NEO ACE - The Swiss Army Knife Of Hi-Fi
The Moon NEO ACE could be just the answer for the audiophile who wants high performance but without multiple boxes.The Moon NEO ACE is a integrated amplifier which offers a multitude of sources and connections such as Moon MiND network player, DSD 256 & 384kHz capable DAC, MM (Moving Magnet) input, Bluetooth APT-X, 3 RCA inputs (can be configured for AV bypass), 1/4" headphone socket.Available in Black or `Two Tone` finish with a easy to read OLED screen...
If you already own any of the Entreq ground boxes and are perhaps looking for the next upgrade at a sensible cost should perhaps look at the K2 or Everest products. These devices are used in place of the wooden "binding post clamp" for an instant, cost effective upgrade.Priced at £150 and £200 these devices will upgrade the performance of your ground box immediately to a much higher level. What is nice about Entreq is that they always think about how a customer can improve the performance of a product they already own which to me always shows a company that really understands what custome..
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