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I just bought a set of active Elac 403 air-x speakers (occasion) for my father (17/1/2019). Although their store is located almost 800km away (The Netherlands, Utrecht), audio destination gave me a good first impression: it is a real store, they have good reviews on their site and on google.

A summary of my experience with Audio Destination;

* they gave us honest reply's on our questions.

* they took their time to answer all questions as good as possible.

* their response was very quickly.

* the tone of voice was very good.

* they kept us very well informed about the progress of the shipment.

* the product is exactly how it was described: mint condition.

* they have shipped the product very well packed.

* they have shipped the product quickly.

* they sold the product for a fair price.

My father is very exceptionally happy with speakers and I am very happy about the service of Audio Destination. I will certainly recommend them.

Kind regards,

Jeroen (and his Father) – Utrecht, The Netherlands. (23/01/2019)

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the truly exceptional customer service offered by Audio Destination, which has to be said is second to none. 

Following an online purchase from Audio Destination 11 months ago, my product developed a fault. I sent them an e-mail, with low expectations of receiving any helpful afte rsales service.

How wrong could I have been?!

I was very pleasantly surprised by the attention given to my problem by Caroline. She arranged to have the faulty product collected and sent back to the manufacturer, who in turn honoured their guarantee by replacing the unit. Meanwhile Caroline was keeping me up to date with regular e-mails and telephone calls.

I will be recommending Audio Destination to all, and even though they are 200 miles from me they will be my first port of call for any of my future audio needs.

Thank you for everything

Lee Martin, a very impressed and happy customer. 19/10/2018

Hi Mike and Caroline,

Just wanted to say how helpful your advice and facilities for home trial were in my quest to upgrade my speaker cables. Without this help I would never have been able to justify upgrading to Castle Rock leads, but having listened to them at home and compared the less expensive options the choice was clear and the end result is an improvement comparable to a significant speaker upgrade. Very very pleased.


Hi Mike & Caroline,

I just wanted to give a review of the Isoacoustic Gaia and Orea Indigos.

Last summer reading the Hi-Fi show reports from America of the Isoacoustics loudspeaker isolation units the Gaias, they had some very good reviews and 2 American high end loudspeaker makers are now fitting them to there loudspeakers as standard fitment and after checking out some more online Hi-Fi magazine reviews i decided to try 2 sets of the Gaia 3"s so straight round to Audio Destination for 2 sets,once fitted from the very first note i was amazed and delighted they are a major upgrade every part of the music, soundstage, noise floor, instrumental separation etc was much improved i had never heard my system sound so good wonderful.

At this years Bristol Hi-Fi show Isoacoustics released new isolation units for Hi-Fi units and knowing how good the Gaias are i asked Caroline to pre order a set of the Orea Indigos for my amplifier, when Caroline emailed to say they were here 2 hours later they were under my amp they are every bit as good as the Gaias i got the bug by then so another set for my CD player and even my DAC.

My music is now at a level beyond what i thought was possible from my system I also discovered they need to run in, about 2 weeks later the sound quality improved again and also the affects of the isoacoustics is cumulative the more you have the better the sound becomes,last night listening to music i felt i could just reach out and touch the individual instruments the sound is so lifelike absolute magic.

If you have not yet used any isolation products you should try these,they work brilliantly are aesthetically pleasing they look like top quality original feet and to top it all off they are at a bargain price,check out Stillpoints and Townsend prices and you will see what i mean,these Isoacoustics are very close in performance but much more wallet friendly .I'm now in audio heaven,only one downside you will like me get back ache from extended listening sessions ,oh just a few more tracks !

So pop round to Audio Destination and get some in.


                                                    Tony Rudd.(a very happy bunny indeed)

Faultless as per usual from Mike & Caroline, my only regret is not finding them sooner.. No other dealer I’ve dealt with provides a level of service remotely close to that of Audio Destination; for insight, communication and the personal touch…. It’s very rare indeed: - Par Excellence !

Until the next time.

All the very best,

Derek Mann:

March 21st 2018: 

 It would be very remiss of me if I didn’t post a testimonial to the level of service provided by Audio Destination. I live 500 miles away from Devon – ‘the highest-level of service and constant communication made this the easiest transaction and the best on-line experience ever’.  I have nothing but praise for the faultless service provided by my Mike & Caroline. “ Highest recommendation - Audio Destination “……….

Kindest regards,

Derek Mann. ( 9. 2. 2018: )


Your service is excellent, thank you! I particularly like the fact that you update me at all stages of the order (via emails and updates in my order status). That put my mind at ease. Not all on-line shops do this. Really appreciate it.

Kai-Kwong Ho 24/10/2017

Goods received within a working day of the order and received packed perfectly and in excellent condition.
Price and postage were very reasonable.
Thanks again
Derek Baker (October 2017)

In today's world of rapidly changing media it can be very difficult to keep abreast of the latest developments. I have found the advice offered by Mike and Caroline to be fair and impartial and their advice is constructive and helpful. I'm sure other companies will profess the same philosophy. So why do I return to Audio Destination time after time. It's quite simple and it's the USP of Audio Destination - Mike and Caroline! The responsiveness and level of service simply cannot be beaten. So if you love music and you want good sensible advice (at any price point) it's well worth a visit to Audio Destination. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. David (Devon) September 2017

Hi Mike and Caroline,

I 'd like to thank you all for the impressive service,  your efforts and dedication.

Kindest regards,

Happy customer Oge


The service, help and understanding given by Mike to ensure the VPI turntable I bought as a surprise birthday present for my husband was amazing.

I had no clue how to buy a suitable cartridge, whether the existing amp would work and how to  set up.

Mike made it all easy and was as excited as I was to make sure my husband was happy with it, right down to some pictures on set up and gift wrapping.

Not quite as excited as the husband was when he saw what was in the box though ....

I would not hesitate to recommend Audio Destination to anyone.  Not really a retailer but rather an enthusiast who cares passionately about making customers happy.

Julie (London) 22nd April 2016

The order was for a bottle of L'Art du Son, which I have finally got round to trying after many years of isoprop/distilled water/wetting agent mixes and a very good detergent mix from Russ Andrews.  So far I have cleaned three LPs, using my Moth RCM.  I had played all three in the last day or so and they were fresh in my memory.  I am stunned!  Just no contest.  The most obvious difference was in the much fuller, deeper and more transparent sound with much improved image, which would be down to increased cleanliness (and these records weren't obviously dirty).  The surfaces had been quiet but with very occasional faint clicks, but I have played six sides without hearing a single extraneous noise.  Incredible!  All these were second hand LPs which have all been round the block, and have marks and light scratches, but those surfaces are silent.

I have been tempted to get a "better" RCM (e.g. Loricraft - can't run to a Keith Monks) but I feel that the Moth Mk 2 Pro is perfectly adequate and it is L'art du Son which has made that difference and saved me quite a wedge.  So Emoji and EmojiEmoji.  It is NOT snake oil, unless snake oil happens to be VERY good ar cleaning records.

Sometimes we should believe the adverts.

Please feel free to use this as a review.

Bob Parsons

Many thanks for the super fast delivery of the Phonosophie Mains Fuse ,...

Wow , what an amazing audio upgrade , I had read a review recently saying this was the best fuse upgrade , beating the already proven Synergistic Research Red Fuses .. so thought I would try one ,... being a headphone listener I notice the enhancements straight away .. amazing bass , soundstage , depth and clarity.

Phonosophie fuse in your amp power cable = amazing results :-)

Happy customer :-)

Thanks ,


"After many many years listening and buying Hi Fi I have realised that I cannot recollect writing in to thank a Hi Fi shop and its staff or owners.
Well I think it is now about time as having known Mike and Caroline for a few years of and on and having at last bought something from them.
Every time you call or visit the friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic conversation that follows is a breathe of fresh air.
I have experienced some Hi Fi Shops, too many in fact,  that it is obviously a chore to be selling to the public. Hence my recommendation for Mike and Caroline.
You feel a very valued customer no matter if you buy or not.
The ethos of Audio Destination as I see it is to have a happy and contented Hi Fi owner at the end of it all.  
I have over the last four months or so been listening to cable after cable on loan from Audio Destination.
The end result I am an extremely happy Hi Fi owner now with a Hi Fi that has had new life breathed in it.
The courtesy and speed of getting cables to me to audition and listening to my feedback to try and further refine things for me was awesome.
Even if you do not live in Devon or nearby I recommend you find time to visit the fantastic listening rooms at Tiverton and as a bonus you get some of the best coffee you are going to experience anywhere".

"As Mike and Caroline know I am not easily persuaded by the claimed improvements offered by cable upgrades etc.  Many of these may offer marginally improved performance according to measured specification but most rely on the susceptibility of the buyer in imagining that they’re actually hearing something different!  The Entreq passive grounding system is, however, something else.  Mike completely surprised me and a friend when, without warning us, he connected a copper Minimus to a CD player we’d been listening to  and which was playing music we knew well.  Connecting the Minimus (one binding post) opened up the soundstage, reduced residual noise, and made everything clearer and more musical.  Each of us bought a Minimus there and then!  I have not had such an improvement in sound since I upgraded my speakers 6 years ago! I’m so impressed that I have now gone for a copper Tellus allowing me to “ground” my CD player, phono stage and amplifier using 3 discrete binding posts.  Try it!"
Mike Cleeve, Tiverton
A very big thank you to Mike & Caroline for their excellent service.
Communication was second to none, via Email & Phone & Text.
Item ordered & delivered within a couple of days
I bought a Bel Canto Ref 150s Power Amp.
Buy with confidence & you be well looked after by both Mike & Caroline.
Thanks Mark.
I was bitten by the HiFi bug over 40 years ago, since I moved to Devon ten years ago I have transformed my system with the help and advice of Mike and Caroline. Nothing is too much trouble for them; they listen to your needs, they advise  - but you never feel pressured to buy! I am now a huge Electrocompaniet fan and have have just purchased a pair of ELAC speakers. A big thank you to both. Anyone who loves music and is looking for impartial advice and a good responsive service could do no better than plan a trip to Audio Destination.
David (Bishopsteignton, Devon)
Hi Caroline,
First of all, sorry for my poor english (I'm french you know...).
But I wanted to tell you that you are fan-tas-tic.
The Orbit 2 was in my letterbox when I came back from my office this afternoon. I didn't have to pick it up from the courier deposit. What always happen because my door code is not written on the package.
Furthermore, the communication was perfect. I always knew what was the status of my order.
And, the product is terrific. I'm right now listening to my system. The sound was still very good (it's a full Audio Note system). But everything sound know better. Every instrument is at its place and the rhythm is just terrific.
Thank you so much.
Best regards,
Didier (France)